Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guyanese Heritage Museum

The Guyana Heritage Museum located at, 17 Meten-meer- zorg West Coast Demerara. Is privately own and control by Mr. Gray Serrao, however Mr. Serrao likes to say that the museum belongs to Guyana. The Museum was opened ten years ago, in November 1999. Mr. Serrao said that the museum is Guyanese way of saying thank you to the past.
He began collecting items which represent different parts of the Guyanese heritage. In the museum, there is an Amerindian corner. The photograph shows a collection of utensils made out of iron which were used during the last century. These include an ice shaver and a coal iron. To the far right of the museum, there are three legged iron pot which could be used over an open fire.

Display of Amerindians Craft items found in the Museum.

Utensils made from iron that was used frequently during the last century.

The Museum also contains more than nine hundred books that have some degree of association with Guyana’s culture, politics, economy or heritage. Among such books you can fine, books that were written by persons who were born in Guyana. Authors include world recognized writers such as Edgar Mittleholzer, E.R Braithwaite, Pauline Melville, Grace Nichols and Dr. Walter Roth and Dr. Cheddie Jagan.

Some of the rare collection of books found at the museum.
The museum also contains a wide variety of notes and coins that were used in Guyana. There you will find the half crown, four piece coin, three pence and four pence, coins, stamps and notes that goes as far back as 1742, and stamps as far as the 1860s.

Notes and coins found in the museum.

Also found are commemorative coins, the ones in this picture are the silver token from the colonies of Essequibo and Demerara dated 1813, and the Cuffy Silver Dollar commemorating Guyana’s Republican Status in 1970.

Also one can see a variety of bottles that relates to the Guyanese cultural such as the soft drink bottle, puma bottle, Scottish bottles also called a fambo bottle and the pummel seal bottle which is a Dutch machine bottle and is also declare the world’s smallest bottle.


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