Wednesday, July 1, 2009

African Heritage Museum

The Museum of African Art and Ethnology was founded with interesting pieces bought by the Government in 1985. Then was declared opened to the public on July 29, 1994.They are under the management of the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports. Some of the persons that have made significant donations to the Museum are Mr. Hubert H. Nicholson, Mrs. Desiree malik and Dr. William Seligman through UNESCO whom is the Curator of African and Deane Art, Brooklyn Museum in 1992.
Since then, other donations have been made from persons within the local community. Such as Art and Craft which have been done by local artists within Guyana and pieces from the Burrows school of Art.
In 2001, the Museum of African Art and ethnology has changed its name to the Museum of African Heritage. This was done so that they can attract a wider audience and address African influence in Guyana. This allows the museum to explore research and solicit donations from the community so that they can be able to share their knowledge and be able to provide programs that will educate visitors on African heritage and origins of their lifestyles in Guyana.
At the Museum the collection consists of African art (West Africa) from wooden mask to the carved door of secret societies. The artifacts that are housed in the museum are some objects that can be found in West Africa. This helps us to understand the meaning and reasons behind African art and tradition. There are also collections of brass weights (use for gold dust0, drums, musical instruments, games and clothing. Some recent donations include a wooden replica of the 1763 monument.
In visiting the museum one will begin to learn about what styles and traditions afro-guyanese brought when they came.


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